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This report on parasites may shock a lot of people.

I myself was shocked many times while preparing it.

I honestly never knew the problem was so extensive.

I never knew that microscopic parasites can live in every organ of the body and contribute to just about any disease known to man. So if you are a little uneasy about reading this information, you have good company. So am I! But thank God, because now there are practical, safe, and very effective, all-natural herbal preparations for killing virtually all parasites known to exist.

Let Me Tell You What Type of Damage That Parasites Can Cause:

Microscopic parasites can get into your joints and eat the calcium linings of the bone. This can lead to excruciating arthritis
Parasites can eat the protein coating on the nerves (the myelin sheath). This causes a disruption in the nerve signal from the brain.
Many times when a person has an inflamed appendix, it is removed and found to be loaded with parasites!

Most people make every effort to keep the inside of their houses spotlessly clean. But they neglect to clean the inside of their body, which is far more important. Your body shouldn’t be a breeding ground for hungry parasites. It’s time to clean up the pollution, wastes and parasites inside your body. That’s the real secret to youth and boundless energy. Get those parasites out once and for all. As an extra bonus for getting parasites out, don’t be surprised if you start looking and feeling more youthful than you have in a long, long time That’s what this report is all about: Rejuvenation and parasites removal. The sooner they’re out of your system, the better you’ll look and the better you’ll feel.

People often get microscopic parasites by eating fruits and vegetables that are not washed properly. They eat spores and these spores later hatch in the colon. Many people eat raw meat and sushi — raw fish. This is a big cause of parasites. In one rare case, a woman passed 100 black worms. Steak tartar is a popular German dish that is made with raw meat and onions. It is often loaded with tapeworms. Many people drink water out of mountain streams and lakes. They could be drinking thousands of parasitic spores.

Pets are another great source of worms. You will probably be shocked to read the following stories, but they are all true. No exaggerations have been made. But we admit: these are extreme cases. Thank God these things don’t apply to most people, so don’t worry

Story #1: One woman recently had a colonic to clean out her colon. She passed over 3 cups of hookworms. They were all 6 inches long and were colored gray. Another person passed solid worms for over an hour. No water, just worms.
Story #2: One person in Adelaide was seeing rainbows every time the sun shined. She was found to have parasites living in the retina of her eye. After a special program, her eyesight returned to normal. One tiny parasite actually came out of her nose covered with mucous.
Story #3: Mothers have been known to pull parasites out of the mouths of their young children. The parasites come out looking for food.
Story #4: One woman was working in her garden. She had recently taken a special herbal soup to rid her body of parasites. She was weeding the plants when she noticed dozens of barely visible red microscopic parasites on her arm. She at first thought they came from the plants. They didn’t. They were coming out of the pores of her arms.
Story #5: One person was taking a bath. After she got out, the whole top of the water was covered with hundreds of tiny maggot-like parasites. When she urinated, these parasites also appeared.
Story #6: One colonic therapist once saw a 6-inch, pencil thin, red parasite come out of a woman. It was bright red – like nail polish. It just lay in the plastic tube coming out of the colon. This was most likely picked up while visiting a foreign country. The therapist had to pick up the tube so it could be washed into the disposal pipe and out into the sewer. Another witness saw this thin parasite come out, but the patient herself still refuses to believe it. To this day, the colon therapist regrets that she didn’t take a picture of it.
One therapist keeps a jar of tapeworms on her shelf to show skeptics. She got them out of just three patients.

Here is a list of the different types of worms and parasites that this expert has identified in humans. She said, “Everyone has all twelve of these worms and parasites in them. Everyone! They are in different layers of the colon.”

  1. Tapeworms. These parasites have been known to grow up to 36 inches and longer. One person keeps a jar in her home, full of tapeworms she has removed from people.
  2. Whiteworms. These come in all sizes. They are often the color of eggshells and look like spaghetti. They turn black when they grow up.
  3. Redworms. These look just like the earthworms you see in the ground. They come out of the colon wrapped in balls. One woman I know recently passed a full litter of these worms. They were each 6 – 7 inches in length.
  4. Inchworms. These are thick, black and bumpy. They are as thick as fountain pens and about two inches long.
  5. Blackworms. These are 1 to 12 inches in length. They come out of the colon wrapped around each other with yellow acid water mixed with them. They live deep in the impacted colon wall.
  6. Pinworms. These are tiny little parasites that wiggle when they come out. They are about 3/4 of an inch and live in the intestine. At least 1 in 5 children has pinworms.
  7. Hookworms. These are curved and are about 6 inches long. They come to a point at both ends and are shaped like a fishhook. They are gray. One quarter of the world’s population has hookworms, and one expert thinks that 50% of Americans have them. One man passed an entire quart of hookworms out of his rectum. They were alive!
  8. Little Fish. These are a type of parasite with a round head and a tail. They actually swim as they come out of the colon. In many cases, they will try to swim back up the colon. They come out in schools and are 1/2 inch. Everyone has these!
  9. Threadworms. These parasites are as thin as a thread. They are cream-colored and often come out by the hundreds.
  10. Fuzzballs. These are parasites that are round and have fur on them. Many cancer patients have these. They are 1/4 to ¾ inches in diameter and are yellow. In one 84 year old man, thousands of these came out.
  11. Spiders. These are a type of parasite that look just like a spider. They often have many legs and are colored brown. Some look like an octopus. They are often one inch long.
  12. Stickpin worms. These are still another type of parasite that looks like a stickpin. They are one inch long and have a head like a pea, which is perfectly round. The babies are white and the adults are black.

“There are so many worms and microscopic parasites its worse than an epidemic.” One worm expert told me, “I could never tell my patients how many parasites I remove from them. They would freak out. Parasites sometimes come out of people by the litter. They nest in the black, impacted colon. As one layer is cleaned, a certain type of worm comes out. Another layer brings out another type of worm.” People Should Go On Parasitic Cleansing Program A Few Times A Year!

Health Conditions

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Balance in all things are key to good health and longevity but most people have no idea what the real balance necessity is! Our 65% to 70% overweight and obese society proves that!

Some very wise people once made the statement, “We are a nation of impending BIG BELLIES.” Those very same wise people also stated that;

“It is bad news to learn from our leading authorities that 99 percent of the American people are deficient in minerals, and that a marked deficiency in any one of the more important minerals actually results in DISEASE. Any upset of the balance, any considerable lack of one or another element, however microscopic the body requirement may be, and we sicken, suffer and shorten our lives”.

They go on to say “… each mineral element playing a definite role in nutrition. A characteristic set of symptoms, just as specific as any vitamin deficiency disease, follows a deficiency in any one of them. It is alarming, therefore, to face the fact that we are starving for these precious health-giving substances.”

“Our soils, which are seriously deficient in trace minerals, cannot produce plant life competent to maintain our needs, and with the continuous cropping and chipping away of those trace minerals and concentrates, the condition becomes worse. We are a nation of impending fat bellies!”
“We know that vitamins are complex chemical substances which are indispensable to nutrition, and that each of them is important for the normal function of some special structure of the body. Disorder and disease result from any vitamin deficiency. It is not commonly realized, however, that vitamins control the body’s appropriation of minerals, and that in the absence of minerals they have no function to perform. Lacking vitamins, the system can make some use of minerals, but lacking minerals, vitamins are useless”.

These statements were made in 1936 by the United States Congress, following a study of our food nutrient values, and reported in the Readers Digest that year. Those facts have only worsened with the years of land abuses, chemicals and pesticides introduced into our foods by the farmers and the fat bellies are now bouncing on every street in this world. Obesity is of epidemic proportions!!!

When my four children were born in the late 50′s and early 60′s the pediatrician recommended giving them vitamins but not once did that doctor tell me that minerals were required in order to absorb those vitamins. In the years I worked in doctor’s offices I did not once hear a doctor tell a patient how important it was to have sufficient balanced minerals in order to absorb those vitamins and nutrient intake from their foods.

Not until I read the Senate report in 1995 did I know that minerals are the catalyst to a healthy body and without them disease and obesity will happen.

Then as I studied more into that premise I found that a requirement for ALL minerals is equally important. I see minerals sold all over the place with 24 or 36 minerals but not the whole 84 minerals and trace minerals our body was created with and need to stay healthy and balanced. Why? Medical school isn’t teaching that necessity!

Without a proper minerals balance our bodies crave all kinds of unhealthy foods and empty calories hence creating the obesity now rampant in the world. This is not helped by all the fast food places that now exist putting out dead nutrient-empty foods.

Once the body contains the proper mineral balance and megavitamins then and only then can weight loss and a healthy body begin. For optimum health it also requires eating a balance of fruits, nuts and vegetables daily. That’s 7 to 9 servings daily in all. (a serving = ¾ to 1 cup per food group)

Vitamins sold on store shelves are seriously lacking in proper amounts just as minerals are. Studies done over the last decade show that the RDA’s (recommended daily amount) you see on vitamin bottles and in advertisements are so weak that the body is still malnourished and requires at least three times the amount recommended, and in some as much as ten times the amount. One-a-day just won’t balance it for you!

I have watched as people began to lose weight and regain health once they balanced their body with minerals, meganutrient vitamins and antioxidants and stop taking chemical medications. I’m watching cancer disappear with natural herbal and nutrition treatments balancing minerals and nutrition in the body. With proper balance I have seen manic depression subside, allergies become nonexistant, asthma disappear, heart irregularities normalize and diabetes eliminated, just to name a few… Balance is the key to a healthy body.

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